Glendale 180 on Clear Path Forward

Glendale 180 on Clear Path Forward

Development to Move at Accelerated Pace Following Resolution of M.A.K. Property Status

July 28, 2015 – Glendale, CO – An offer by the Glendale Urban Renewal Authority (the Authority) to acquire a parcel of land at Virginia Avenue and Colorado Boulevard owned by M.A.K. Investment Group, LLC was rejected today, further defining the path forward for the Glendale 180 project. With the question of whether the property would be part of the development resolved, Glendale 180 is set to proceed at an accelerated pace.

“We were prepared and excited to proceed either way,” said Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon. “But now that the path forward is clear, things will really kick into high gear.”

The Authority and city officials have been clear that realizing a successful vision for Glendale 180 is not dependent on acquiring the M.A.K. property, and that the Authority has no plans to use condemnation as a means of acquiring the property.

“We know there will be a number of critical decision points both with Glendale 180 and the M.A.K.property in the near future,” said Dunafon. “The owners and developers of these properties, and of those throughout the city, can rely on receiving the same care and consideration, knowing that our first responsibility is to the citizens of Glendale.”

In both 2004 and 2013, studies of the M.A.K. property cited a number of conditions of blight present on the property. In an informal meeting in 2007, M.A.K. presented to the city via hand-drawn renderingstheir initial concepts for development of their property and the city’s property. Since then M.A.K. has not provided any additional development plans nor engaged in the formal city planning process.

With the M.A.K. decision, the city is hopeful that M.A.K. will submit a full development plan as is required and has been submitted by such projects as the popular CitySet, Natural Grocers and the upcoming Chick-Fil-A.

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