Message From The Mayor

Message From The Mayor

Urban designers have long made their stock in trade by creating something completely new from an old infill site; but rarely are they asked to go backwards.

For 30 years, Glendale, Colorado, surrounded by Denver and just steps from the Cherry Creek Shopping District, was the area’s premier entertainment destination, filled with popular clubs, restaurants, and bars. After over a decade of neglect and political in-fighting, the citizens took back the City and set it on a new course…”backward to the future!”

Now, building on Glendale’s entertainment heritage and utilizing one of the most desirable development sites in the United States, Glendale 180 will return the City to its place as the entertainment hub of the Denver metroplex.

Come join us!

Mike Dunafon


Mike Dunafon

About The Mayor

Mike Dunafon is the ninth Mayor of Glendale in its 60-year history. Prior to his election, Mayor Dunafon served as mayor pro tem for eight years; and has been a member of the Glendale Planning Commission since 1999 and chairman since 2004.

A Colorado native, Mayor Dunafon has been a major player in initiating and shepherding the extraordinary 14-year transformation of the small City of Glendale into an entertainment capital and internationally-known rugby ground. This transformation began when he first chaired the Strategic

Planning Initiative in 1998. The Glendale citizens clearly sent a strong message: they wanted a new identity – a more vibrant Glendale.

Co-founding the first Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Dunafon launched a full-time effort to collaboratively unite the residents and businesses of the city into a single vision. The creation of Infinity Park has been the first phase of the realization of that vision; and the redevelopment of the once-blighted areas of the City, including the area of the Glendale 180 project, is the second.

Mayor Dunafon has a B.A. from the University of Northern Colorado, where he lettered in football for four years and was part of the All-Conference team. He signed contracts to play with the Denver Broncos in 1976 and 1977. His rugby career began in 1978 with the British Virgin Islands Rugby Football Club and continued until 1992.

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