Glendale 180 Fast Facts

Glendale 180 Fast Facts


Area to be developed: 22 acres

Open space along Cherry Creek: 20 acres

Project size (excluding hotel):

Leasable square feet: 303,225

Breakdown of leasable square feet:

  • Entertainment 109,000
  • Food/beverage 151,725
  • Retail 42,500


Underground parking (1 level): 454

Surface parking: 506

Parking structure (grade plus 3 levels): 1,310

Total spaces: 2,270

Job creation:

Construction jobs: 1,242

Permanent jobs: 1,016


Primary trade area

  • Population 858,257
  • Average household income $69,804

Five-mile radius

  • Population 493,829
  • Average household income $71,429

Three-mile radius

  • Population 200,183
  • Average household income $83,233
  • 143,895 employees
  • 35,000,000 square feet of office/daytime use


  • 9 million square feet of office space within Glendale
  • Common consumption will be integrated into the project, allowing adult patrons within the Glendale 180 area to carry a “to go” cup along walkways and interior paths, and in the plaza area at night.


  • 1.5 miles north of I-25
  • 5 miles southeast of Downtown Denver
  • Less than 1 mile from Cherry Creek Shopping Center, the #1 tourist destination in Colorado
  • 25-minute drive from Denver International Airport
  • Borders Colorado Boulevard and Alameda Avenue, with over 100,000 vehicles per day
  • Connected to the Cherry Creek bike path, with over 37,000 riders per month

Strength of the Glendale economy:

  • The Glendale SuperTarget was the first in the chain to be located outside of Minnesota, and is in the top four retail producing stores in the world for the Target chain.
  • The Glendale Home Depot is the top producer in its region.
  • The Glendale PetsMart is the chain’s highest volume store in the country.
  • The Glendale Pinkberry yogurt store opened in 2010 and immediately shot to number one in the chain nationally.
  • Glendale’s 2014 sales tax collections were the highest in its history.
  • Glendale boasts a AA- bond rating, which is unprecedented for a city of its size.

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